Overflow Pump Station

Client : Mondelphous Engineering

Address: 5 River Oak Place, Oakflats, NSW 2529

Scope of Work

Project Description:
Design and Install Deep CFA secant pile shoring wall with capping beam, steel bracings, concrete ring beam for two overflow shafts. Project to be completed with tight program
Scope of Work :
  • CFA Secant Pile – 106Lin.m of 600mm & 750mmØ for a 9m deep concrete chamber (1 Retangular and 1 Circular)
  • Capping Beam – 106Lin.m (650mm x 600mm), 106Lin.m (750mm x 500mm)
  • Temporary Steel Bracing – 4No – CHS273
Equipment Used:
Liebherr LRB255


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