Building Strong Foundations: Our Expertise in Piling and Complete Basement Services"

At CF Group

Our commitment to prioritising the needs of both our clients and our employees has been a cornerstone of CF Group's success for over a decade. We strongly believe that by fostering a culture of care and prioritising the happiness of our people, we can deliver exceptional service to our clients and maintain a thriving business.

In addition to conventional Geotechnical Contracting, CF Group offers a diverse range of techniques to address environmental concerns, such as stabilising and containing contaminants.

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions and utilising cutting-edge foundation and ground engineering technology to deliver cost-effective and risk-minimised solutions for our clients. 

Our approach to problem-solving involves thinking creatively and exploring outside-the-box solutions, ensuring successful outcomes for all parties involved.


CF Group is committed to delivering top-notch products and pioneering the industry with our best-practice solutions. We invest in frequent training for our staff to ensure they have the skills and expertise to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes.

Safety Culture

CF Group prioritises safety in all aspects of our work, ensuring our employees and clients are protected through comprehensive safety measures.
Safety Culture

Our Projects

CF Group delivers innovative and cost-effective piling and basement solutions, while also addressing environmental concerns through contaminant stabilisation and containment techniques
Our Project

Our Team

Our team at CF Group consists of experts dedicated to delivering innovative and cost-effective piling and basement solutions while prioritising’ client and employee needs.
Our Team

The CF Family

At CF Group, we recognise the importance of our employees as our greatest asset. We cultivate a family-like environment where everyone’s voice is heard, and all team members contribute to the success of our business. 

Many of our key employees have been with us for over six years, demonstrating our commitment to valuing and retaining our staff. 

With our extensive knowledge of the industry, equipment, and ground conditions, we are well-equipped to provide our clients with top-quality and innovative solutions.