Rockdale Central

Client : Rockdale Central

Address: 1-2 Waines Crescent, Rockdale

Scope of Work

Project Description:
D&C of CSM shoring wall, capping beam, passive bracing for temporary support, bulk & detail excavation In House design with 3rd Party review to satisfy Railcorp Requirements
Scope of Work :
  • Installation CSM shoring wall in stiff clay upto 15m for 3 level basement
  • Capping Beam
  • Manufacture and install 2 Rows of Passive Bracing for Temporary Support
  • Bulk and Detail excavation in stages with Bracing Installation
Equipment Used:
  • 1No. Bauer RTG25S with BCM5 Cutters
  • Liebherr HS845HD Service crane
  • Various Size Excavators ranging from 2.5t to 50tonne
  • Onsite Batching Plant


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