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Client : Karimbala Construction Services Pty Ltd (Meriton)

Address: 19 -33 Kent Rd, Mascot, NSW 2020

Scope of Work

Project Description:
The CSM wall was 15m in depth throughout the common basement and served as a groundwater cut off system for a safe construction platform. Foundation and crane base piles were also constructed to transfer the loads from the structure above to the bedrock bearing strata. Lift pits had sheet pile cofferdams installed. The advantage of the CSM procedure allowed CF group to install the retaining wall close to the boundaries of the site. This maximises the area in the basement for the client, whilst still enabling a safe installation in close proximity to adjacent properties and structures. The CSM shoring wall was installed without compromising any of the adjacent and nearby structures and was also approved by Roads and Marine Services (RMS) imposed requirements for minimal movement of adjacent structures. The area of the site, approximately 3.12 ha, demanded considerable resources to meet contractual deadlines, so CF Group supplied four high performance cutter soil mix (CSM) units and four high capacity piling rigs concurrently in concert with anchor installation and site de-watering. The wall served the dual purpose of a cut off barrier against groundwater flow into the site during basement excavation and construction, and also provided a retaining structure to enable safe excavation.
  • Design & Install
  • CSM Retaining Wall
  • Temporary Hollow-Bar Anchors
  • Sheet Piles Wall
  • De-watering
  • CFA Foundation Piles
  • Dynamic Pile Testing
Scope of Work :
  • CSM Retaining Wall – 360Lin.m for 2 Basements
  • Temporary Hollow Bar Anchors
Equipment Used:
  • Bauer RTG25S
  • Bauer BG30
  • Liebherr LRB255
  • Liebherr HS845HD Crane


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