Ground Water Management

Ground Water Management

In line with the CF Group’s initiative to provide complete basement packages, the company operates an in house Ground Water Management solution and dewatering service to its sites.

Ground Water Management includes:

About Ground Water Management

This facility is provided wherever the basement excavation levels extend below the natural ground water levels and provides the considerable benefit of eliminating reliance on a third party for the management ground water during excavation activities.

Whether the dewatering requirement is for deep wells or a well point arrangement, based on advice contained in geotechnical reports specific to the particular site and an overview of the ground water regime relevant to the site, the CF Group will design and implement a dewatering system to facilitate basement construction in the dry. Awareness of the layered aquifers and aquacludes that drain into Botany Bay and the artesian conditions of the lower aquifers is typical of the benefit of considering the site overview.