CF Group has identified a demand, within the construction industry, for the simplification and rationalisation of the ground works on major construction projects involving basement works and, in response, is offering a complete basement preparation service.

CF Group will deliver turn-key packages encompassing all aspects of basement excavation, shoring and deep foundation works, ahead of the building works. This includes but is not limited to shoring walls, piling works, anchoring, dewatering and excavation. This service provides the client with a single lump sum package supported by design from CF Group’s in house engineering team and includes all construction works prior to builder commencement.  This enables clients to engage CF Group’s services for the complete early works stage of a project; where a builder is the client it simplifies the sub contract works to a single trade, where the contract is directly with the developer CF Group can undertake the control of the contract, as the main contractor of a separate early works contract.

CF Group will then hand over to the builder/developer a completed basement excavation, ready for constructing the super structure.

CF Group prides itself on its in house ability to deliver all of the services necessary to provide the Complete Basement Solution. Commencing with detailed design, our engineers will develop a competitive and comprehensive certified design of the retaining walls and foundations. The company’s equipment combined with the expertise of its personnel allows it to install a comprehensive range of retaining wall systems. Our hollow bar anchoring system commonly provides the necessary lateral support to the retaining walls, unless props are used for this purpose, in which case they will be designed and installed in house. Shoring and propping, bulk and detailed excavation, de-watering and piled foundations are all undertaken using company equipment and personnel.