At CF Group we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset. We foster the ‘family’ environment and pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone in our team has a voice and is a contributing factor in the overall success of the business. We are pleased and proud to say that a majority of our employees and indeed key employees have been with us for over 6 years or since close to inception date. This is testament to our people focus.

We enjoy a vast knowledge of the industry, equipment and ground conditions that enable us to deliver quality and innovation for our clients.

Our HR focus and commitment to policy ensures that we are providing a workplace that is free from coercion, intimidation or harassment. CF Group places great emphasis on attracting and rewarding the best people and is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment. CF Group considers that harassment by or toward employees, contractors, suppliers or clients is unacceptable behaviour which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Key Personnel

Tony Derham Managing Director

Tony has been in the piling industry for over 25 years. Formerly a founding director of a national piling company, in 2004 he decided go it alone and to develop a Geotechnical Contracting company with the significant point of difference of offering “the complete package” for basement construction. Tony’s intimate knowledge of piling and foundations as well as the ground conditions of the Sydney basin is unsurpassed. His dedication and commitment to his work and delivery for his clients is second to none. ‘Problem solving, cost efficiency and timely delivery is Tony’s MO.  Tony’s dedication to efficiency and passion for cutting edge machinery enables him to lead his experienced team to emerge at the forefront of the Ground Engineering industry.


Sally Stokes General Manager

Sally has been working closely with Tony our Managing Director also CF Group, since early 2006. She has been integral in the growth, development and structure of the company. Her strong background in HR and Management over the past 20 years has been an important balance with the technical and business development expertise of Tony, Managing Director. Prior to her involvement with theCF Group Sally worked in various HR and senior management roles in the Media sector, specifically the Foxtel group of channels.